Twitter Guide: How To Succeed On Twitter If You’re Starting Out


Having a Twitter guide , like guides to other social networks, is essential if you are starting as a community manager or using Twitter or Social Media to make your business visible and gain followers. So today I want to share this mini Twitter guide with tips to gain followers and succeed on Twitter with your content. Shall we start?

Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

This post is not long, so I want you to read it to the end. I get to the point, with tips for Twitter , gain visibility and grow in quality followers.

If you are starting on Twitter, and it is difficult for you to gain followers and share your content, we are going with practical advice on how to use Twitter correctly :

Tip 1 Twitter Guide: Does your brand have to be on Twitter?

The first tip in this Twitter guide is essential. Does your brand have to be on Twitter? Why?

On social networks, also on Twitter, you don’t have to be there.

You have to be if it generates a benefit for your online brand. So how do I know if I have to create a Twitter account :

  • See if your competition is on Twitter.
  • If there is third-party content to share from your professional sector.
  • And yes, in addition, you will generate valuable content to share on Twitter.

These 3 factors determine the beginning of success on Twitter , since if you only talk about your brand, what I call “navel theory”, nobody will follow you if you are a brand that is starting on Twitter, because nobody knows you and not you have a qualified audience behind you that supports you.

You have to earn their trust!

Tip 2  Twitter guide  : determine your goal to be on Twitter

Well, I see that I have possible content to share, and there is also my competition.

And now that?

Well, within your Social Media strategy, and doing a Social Media Audit , you can see what objective your brand will have on Twitter.

When you are a newbie, and your brand is starting on Twitter, the first objectives are usually:

  • Objective 1 : have a quality Twitter community.
  • Objective 2 : derive web traffic from Twitter to my blog or corporate website.
  • And objective 3 : to generate interaction with my shared content.

Tip 3  Twitter Guide  : Earn Their Trust

I mean the followers.

And the first thing you have to do when you create an account on Twitter is to design it well:

  • Channel head.
  • Company logo or personal brand.
  • Complete description of the BIO of the brand.
  • Use hashtags in the description and tag potential friend accounts.
  • Add corporate URL.
  • Corporate colors in the Twitter account: branding.

Nobody follows other Twitter accounts if they do not humanize the brand, differentiate themselves from the rest and generate empathy for their potential audience.

Tip 4  Twitter Guide  : 80/20 Rule

It does not have to be 80/20 exactly, but it is a guide number to share content.

On Twitter I have already told you that you should not share only your content, not even a lot. You have to share content on Twitter from other accounts that generate value and allow you to gradually gain followers.

Thus, it shares around 80% daily content from third parties (not from the competition, of course), and the other 20% shares its own content.

Tip 5  Twitter Guide  : Share the news first

Surely your professional sector generates news constantly.

Well, you have to be on the lookout and see what content is news within your professional sector, not from the competition, but from the area in which your brand operates: digital marketing, economics, journalism, etc.

Thus, a strong point of this mini guide to Twitter 2019 is that you choose the new content, and be the first to share it with your audience.

If you do, the audience that you are interested in gaining as followers on Twitter will take you as a reference little by little, as a source of quality and fast information.

Tip 6  Twitter guide  : choose your sources well

All content has a source, as in journalism. The content is not generated alone, but there is someone who has thought, designed, created and shared it.

Your obligation, as an elementary advice of good practices for Twitter , is to quote that source with @user when you share the content. It will give you visibility and also the aforementioned will receive a notification that it has been tagged.

There are several ways to choose fonts:

  1. Use Feedly to follow the best sources of content on the Internet.
  2. Create lists on Twitter differentiating by interests: content creators, references, competition, etc.
  3. Monitor the keywords that interest you with Tweetdeck and see the most shared content on each topic.
  4. Monitor specific accounts as sources of information.

Tip 7  Twitter guide  : look for professionals in the sector

To succeed on Twitter, you will also have to do the next step in this Twitter guide: look for professionals in your sector, in your own city and elsewhere, to see what community of followers they have. If they do the same as you, they have part of your audience.

Your mission since then is to attract followers of those accounts to yours.

For this you can take advantage of powerful Twitter tools such as Twitonomy , or Followerwonk .

You will see which Twitter accounts are most active with those professional accounts, which hashtags they use the most, and you will track down a lot of good potential content to share on your Twitter account.


Tip 8  Twitter guide  : posting pace

On Twitter, you have to know what rate of publication is right for your account.

How much do I post on Twitter? You have to maintain a proper Twitter posting rate:

  • At first, it has to be high to attract the attention of your potential followers and make your presence known on Twitter.
  • Then, when your account is better known, you can go down a bit.
  • Look at the rate of publication of other professionals and accounts in your sector.

Another thing is knowing when to post on Twitter:

  1. You can use Metricool that tells you the best time to post as your community is connected.
  2. Another tool that helps you when to post on Twitter is Audiense .

Tip 9  Twitter Guide : Twitter  scheduling tools

If you have to maintain a high rate of sharing content on Twitter, an alternative is to manually combine tweets with scheduled tweets.

So, if you are just starting out, and you want free tools to program on Twitter , bet on Buffer or Metricool .

If you want a little more, you can opt for paid versions of these tools or Hootsuite .

Tip 10  Twitter Guide  : Measure on Twitter

My final tip in this mini Twitter guide is to measure what you do.

How does your content work? What month have you had the most engagement? What contents are the best?

To do this, resort to measuring your results on Twitter . You can opt for Twitter’s own statistics , tools like Twitonomy or Metricool , which is great for summarizing the data for the period that you need to monitor and analyze.

FINAL Tip  Twitter Guide  : Be Yourself

Finally, a final tip for Twitter : be yourself.

To differentiate yourself from the rest, you have to have your own style, humanize the brand, and present your own valuable content, at the best time to post on Twitter.

Be generous to others, and others will be generous to you.

Thus, you will gain quality Twitter followers , and your brand will be more recognized.

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